Men's Front Velcro® Closure Flannel Shirt-Assorted Plaid

FV Flannel blue
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Blue Plaid

This is an easy way to fasten your  button-down shirts.

We place Velcro, hook and loop tabs between the front plackets.

The shirt will close with the hook and loop, but will keep the look of the original shirt intact.

The buttons are seen on the front placket for a regular, nice appearance.

 Just tap to close, and pull gently to 'unbutton'.

Assorted plaids in Red, Blue, or Grey Plaid colors.

Easy care Cotton/Poly blend.



S (14-14 1/2)

M (15-15 1/2)

 L (16-16 1/2)

XL (17-17 1/2)

2X (18-18 1/2)

3X (19-19 1/2)

4X (20-21)