Adaptive Swimsuit-You Provide it, We Adapt it

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Adaptive Swimsuit-You Provide it, We Adapt it

Want to swim or do aquatic excercises? No reason not to.

Send us your new swimsuit and we will adapt it for you. This will make it easier to put on and take off.

For womens or children's one-piece swimsuits, we will add snaps down the back or at the crotch. 

2 pc swinsuits will also include adding snaps to both sides the bottoms.

Mens or boys trunks or swim shorts will be adatped with side-snaps on both sides.

For it to fit comfortably after it has been adapted, make sure to purchase a bathing suit that is one size larger.

Price is for each piece you will be sending us, so if you are sending us a 2-piece swimsuit, select quantity 2.

Please allow 5-10 business days. Free shipping back to you. 


Simply add a note with your confirmation order number or print out your order confirmation.

Mail to:

Adaptive Clothing Showroom

Alterations Dept/Swimsuit

12 Remsen Ave

Monsey NY 10952